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Over the past 25 years, Lloyd Cox has proven himself to be one of the cutting industry's top horse trainers. Lloyd's top honor came in 2000 when he was inducted into the NCHA Rider Hall of Fame.

In 2003 and 2010, he was the NCHA leading money earner rider of the year earning a total of over $714,583 in one year.

In 2004, he released his first cutting horse instructional video called "Hooking up with Lloyd Cox".

Lloyd Cox was not raised with a cutting horse background. In High School, he grew to appreciate the sport and realized he wanted to become a cutting horse trainer. After realizing this desire, Lloyd began setting goals that would help him reach his dreams.
Lloyd was on his way to reaching and fulfilling his dream in 1985 when he earned his first paycheck in the cutting show pen. His winnings in 1985 totalled more than $2,855. Although that doesn't seem like much to some, it was the beginning to a great and successful journey. Even Lloyd couldn't have imagined that his dreams would take him as far as they have.

Between 1986 to 1996, Lloyd's name began hitting the headlines more often in the cutting industry. He rode a mare, Missy Farmer, to win a total of more than $73,113 in NCHA earnings. Lloyd also rode High Brows Nurse, who earned over $134,445. Nurse Rey, dam to Dual Rey, earned over $65,586 in the cutting horse show pen while ridden by Lloyd. During these years, Lloyd won a total of more than $588,445 in the cutting pen.
Since 1996, Lloyds career took off. He has had the opportunity to train horses that have proven to be some of the greatest in the cutting industry, including:

ONE TIME ROYALTY LTE of $442,674.16
TR DUAL REY LTE of $291,110.84
STYLSIH PLAY LENA LTE of $264,473.50

HOTTISH LTE of $236,330.12
HALREYCIOUS LTE of $227,459.00

TWICEAS REYCY LTE of $194,141.03
CATS MOOSNSHINE LTE of $143,580.82
REYDICULOUS LTE of $142,703.06
DUAL REY LTE of $105,038.29
Over the years, Lloyd achieved many of the goals that he set. He still has many more that we wants to accomplish. Lloyd owned a 100 acre ranch in Fort Morgan, Colorado where he resided 2002-2013.

The family moved to Marietta, OK in 2013, only a hour's drive from Fort Worth.