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2012 Equi-Stat Open Rider Award Winner Lloyd Cox - 2012 EARNINGS - $699,943
Standout stallions 4-year-old Hottish and 5-year-old One Time Royalty, owned by two of his clients, did much of the work establishing Lloyd Cox as cutting’s top Open earner last year. The Fort Morgan, Colo., trainer still wouldn’t have finished as the 2012 Equi-Stat Open Award winner for the third time in 10 years without strong performances by two other customers’ 3-year-olds, plus money he earned with two 4-year-olds he and his wife, Christina, owned. “Those two horses [Hottish and One Time Royalty] did a lot of it, but most times, it is decided at the [NCHA] Futurity,” Cox said of the Equi-Stat Top Open Rider Award.

“We did finish up strong.” Cox earned a combined $699,943 in 2012. He credited his wife with playing a large role. Christina, the daughter of 1986 NCHA Futurity Open Champion rider Jody Galyean, and the sister of 2008 and 2004 NCHA Futurity Open Champion riders Beau and Wesley Galyean, earned $195,605 last year.

Christina often warmed up horses for her husband as he earned $1,616,430 during 2009-2012 cutting campaigns. “I think I had the drive to do well before, but she’s driven me to do even better,” Cox said. “I think we’ve helped each other that way.” At the same time, Cox added, he would not have fared nearly as well as he did last season without an outstanding group of horses.
Hottish (Spots Hot x Stylish Play Lena x Docs Stylish Oak), a 2008 stallion owned by Dustin and Deena Adams, Dublin, Texas, and bred by Double Dove Ranch, Benbrook, Texas, carried Cox to earnings of $165,613. They won Derby Open titles at last summer’s NCHA Summer Spectacular, plus May’s Breeder’s Invitational, August’s South Point Futurity and September’s Idaho Futurity. Already in 2013, Hottish and Cox made the Classic Open finals at February’s Bonanza Cutting in Glen Rose, Texas, and are expected to compete at the March 27-April 30 NCHA Super Stakes in Fort Worth. One Time Royalty (One Time Pepto x Royal Serena Belle x Shortly Lena), carried Cox to earnings of $178,275 in 2012.

In 2010, Cox rode the 2007 stallion, then owned by Matthews Cutting Horses, to the NCHA Futurity Open Championship with a record 230 score. Now owned by Susan Marchant’s SDM Quarter Horses, Goondiwindi, Queensland, Australia, “Royalty” earned Classic Open titles at the Breeder’s Invitational in Tulsa, Okla., and at fall’s Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Futurity in Paso Robles, Calif. Bred by Double Dove Ranch, Royalty competed well last year while breeding mares on two continents. One Time Royalty and Cox headed into 2013 having earned a total of $447,383.

One Time Royalty and Hottish accounted for $343,888 of Cox’s earnings in 2012. Cox also secured $140,761 by reaching December’s NCHA Futurity Open finals with a couple of 3-year-olds making their cutting debuts. Lil Catbaloo and Cox placed fourth in the Futurity Open finals with a 221 to earn $112,036. No Way In Hal (Halreycious x A Black Widow x High Brow Cat) finished 29th to earn $28,725. Gene and Michelle Morris, Florence, Mont., own Lil Catbaloo (High Brow Cat x Sweet Lil Boo x Peptoboonsmal), a stallion bred by John Harrah, Reno, Nev. Kathleen Moore, Madill, Okla., owns No Way In Hal, bred by Linda Holmes, Longmont, Colo.

Equi-Stat, a statistical division of Cowboy Publishing Group, owned by Morris Communications Corp., Augusta, Ga., originated in 1985 to research and compile cutting earnings for Quarter Horse News. Equi-Stat now also tracks money earned in other disciplines such as reining, working cow horse, and more. Equi-Stat Awards have been presented since 1992 to top earning Open and Non-Pro cutters. – QUARTER HORSE NEWS

2012 Breeders Invitational

One Time Royalty and Lloyd Cox mark a 224.5 to win the Classic/Challenge Open at the 2012 Breeder's Invitational to earn $34,703.

Open Classic Champion riding One Time Royalty
Open Special 5 3rd place riding One Time Royalty
Derby Champion riding Hottish

2012 NCHA Summer Spectacular
VIDEO - NCHA • Hottish, ridden by Lloyd Cox for owners Dustin and Deena Adams, marked a 228 to take the 2012 Great American Insurance NCHA Derby Open finals.
Hottish, a 2008 stallion owned by Dustin and Deena Adams, has competed in three major limited-age finals since April and has won all three. He completed his triple play with trainer Lloyd Cox by winning Saturday’s Derby Open finals at the NCHA Summer Spectacular in Fort Worth, Texas with a 228 to earn another $38,314. Seven months into his 4-year-old season, Hottish (Spots Hot x Stylish Play Lena x Docs Stylish Oak) has topped the $200,000 mark in career cutting earnings.

He also already ranks as his sire’s all-time top-earning foal. Hottish won the NCHA Super Stakes 4-Year-Old Non-Pro title in April with Dustin Adams, Dublin, Texas, in the saddle. He also topped the Derby Open field with Cox at May’s Breeder’s Invitational in Tulsa, Okla.

“He’s been really, really good,” Adams said, adding while he successfully rode his own horse after Hottish and Cox failed to advance through early rounds at spring’s Super Stakes, he considers the horse too good an Open competitor to double-up with regularly.

“Him and Lloyd are just a match made in heaven,” Adams said. “It’s fun to watch. It’s been really a pleasure, and it’s fun to own him. I just thought from the beginning, he’s an Open horse. It was a pretty easy decision to send him to Lloyd. He rode his mother. I just feel like he’s an Open horse, and I feel like he’s in great hands. “The only place I’ve ridden him [Hottish] is at the Super Stakes,” Adams added. “I just don’t know how much I’m going to ride him, period. He’s going to be an Open horse throughout his career.” Gail Holmes’ Double Dove Ranch, Benbrook, Texas, bred Hottish, as well as 2007 stallion One Time Royalty (One Time Pepto x Royal Serena Belle x Shorty Lena), the horse Cox won the 2010 NCHA Futurity Open title with while recording a record 230.

According to Cox, just about everything went as planned as he and Hottish marked their winning 228 from a No. 3 draw in the first of two 11-horse cattle sets. Hottish and Cox excelled from the start at the show. They posted first-round and two-go best scores, and topped the semifinals, before finishing with an even better effort in the finals. “My horse was excellent. That was maybe the best he’s ever felt,” Cox said, adding. Hottish excelled physically and mentally while putting on quite a show. “I cut him some pretty tough cows, but he was real smart. When one tried to fake him out, he handled it well. He was just thinking and just really on. I couldn’t have asked him to have been and better. He was just great. He gets really deep in the ground, and sometimes you don’t think he’s going to be able to handle it, but the harder he stops, the better he gets.” – QUARTER HORSE NEWS
NCHA Summer Spectacular Derby Champion riding Hottish
NCHA Summer Spectacular
Open Classic Reserve Champion riding One Time Royalty

2012 South Point Derby Champion

Cutting’s hottest limited-age duo since May, Hottish and Lloyd Cox, earned their third Derby Open victory in four shows Friday at the South Point Futurity in Las Vegas with a 224 to earn $10,800 and 12 more NCHA Open Horse of the Year points.

2012 PCCHA Classic Open
One Time Royalty and Lloyd Cox pushed the 5-year-old stallion’s earnings over $445,000 Monday night in Paso Robles, Calif., winning the Classic Open and earning $14,1661 at the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Futurity with a 229 finish.
The 2010 National Cutting Horse Association Open Champion duo with a record 230 score secured their second high-profile limited-age victory this year at their last event of the season. They also increased their earnings as a duo above $170,000 for 2012, despite a lighter schedule than other horses required by “Royal’s" job as a breeding stallion.

One Time Royalty and Cox won the Classic Open title at the Breeder’s Invitational in May. At the time it was the first victory for either since the pair’s December, 2010 debut at the NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth, Texas. Cox has also won several 2012 events with 2008 stallion Hottish, who will finish second in the 2012 NCHA Open Horse of the Year race.
Hottish (Spots Hot x Stylish Play Lena x Docs Stylish Oak) the 2008 stallion owned by Dustin and Deena Adams, Dublin, Texas, missed Saturday’s Cutting Stakes Open finals earlier Monday, following he and Cox’s two-go 214.5-219-433.5 effort. It took a 434 composite score to make Saturday’s 15-horse Cutting Stakes Open finals.

One Time Royalty (One Time Pepto x Royal Serena Belle x Shorty Lena) and Cox, based in Fort Morgan, Colo., compete whenever the horse is not busy with his breeding duties. His responsibilities include providing plenty of shipped semen to owner Susan Marchant’s SDM Quarter Horses facility in Goodiwindi, Queensland, Australia. - QUARTER HORSE NEWS
Paso Robles Futurity Classic Open Champion riding One Time Royalty
Paso Robles Futurity 3 yr old Gelding Reserve Champion riding One Time Sweetbreeze
Paso Robles Futurity Derby 3rd place and Gelding Champion on SDP Twist of Sue

Christina Cox Joins Family Fort Worth Winner's Circle as Super Stakes Limited Non-Pro Champion
VIDEO - NCHA • Christina Cox earned her spurs Friday, as the latest champion in cutting's preeminent Galyean family, with her 220-point win aboard SDP Twist Of Sue, by Meradas Blue Sue, in the XTO Energy NCHA Super Stakes Limited Non-Pro.
With NCHA Futurity champions in every corner, Christina Cox wasn’t short on help when she marked a 220 on SDP Twist Of Sue (Meradas Blue Sue x Bingos Nurse x Dual Rey) to win her first Fort Worth title and $9,708 Saturday as 4-Year-Old Limited Non-Pro Champion at the XTO Energy/National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes.

“There’s a lot of pressure when you’re the only one who hasn’t won in Will Rogers,” Cox said, referring to a help team including husband Lloyd Cox, father Jody Galyean and brothers Beau and Wes Galyean, all NCHA Futurity Champion riders. “You feel left out, so it was good!” Cox’s mom, Debbie Galyean, is an equally important member of her team. “She doesn’t miss a show,” Christiana said. “She even flies out to Paso [Paso Robles, Calif.] so, even though it’s not in the arena, she is a lot of it, and she misses out on a lot of the credit.” Cox, Fort Morgan, Colo., quit riding for 10 years to pursue high school sports and college before getting back on a horse in 2008.

She has since earned $206,246, but stated that she still gets very nervous. “The first cow I was just trying to stay calm. The cut got a little messy. On the second cow, I turned around and just went,” she said. “The biggest thing Lloyd’s been telling me is that I have to show the judges that I want to win. Even if you mess up your cut, you’ve got to show that you’re trying, so I went for it. The second cow really took a hold and he felt like he was stopping good and reaching – that was the coolest moment of the run.”

Lloyd and Christina Cox purchased SDP Twist Of Sue from Gruver, Texas, trainer Dana Larsen at the 2011 NCHA Futurity. Beau Galyean had seen the horse at pre-works and mentioned him to his sister. She kept an eye out for the gelding during the go-rounds. “Dana was late set and it was one of those Futurity days of it being 8:30 at night,” she recalled. “Unfortunately, Dana didn’t do any good, but the first thing I did was tell Lloyd to go over and ask how much he wanted for him. He was a really cool horse.” SDP Twist Of Sue had won $34,234 before the Super Stakes. He earned another $7,567 in the Gelding Open finals with Jody Galyean in the saddle and made the Open semi-finals. Cox and the horse also earned $1,579 for making the Gelding Non-Pro finals. Cox also placed seventh in Friday’s Limited Non-Pro event with her mare Boozin Susan (Smooth As A Cat x Roccochet Freckles x Smart Little Ricochet) to earn $7,883.

Idaho Futurity Derby Open Champion riding Hottish
Idaho Futurity Open Reserve Champion riding One Time Sweetbreeze

Bonanza Open Classic 3rd place riding One Time Royalty

Arbuckle Mountain Futurity
4 yr old Reserve Champ riding SDP Twist of Sue

NCHA Super Stakes
Open Classic 3rd place one time royalty
NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic 3rd place riding One Time Royalty